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Streamline staircase renovations with PaintReady collection

Richard Burbidge has launched a new PaintReady collection of stairparts that are supplied primed and ready to paint.

The PaintReady collection replaces Richard Burbidge's entire range of stairparts, offering ready-primed, precision-cut pieces, ensuring a sleek surface for a sophisticated, refined appearance. This includes all 32mm and 41mm plain and top chamfer styles, handrails, baserails, 90mm newels, and a variety of caps, including the latest additions - new shadow caps.

PaintReady stairparts by Richard Burbidge

The new range gives specifiers and contractors ways to speed up building renovation projects without racking up costs. The PaintReady products are coated with an ultra-smooth water-based primer, offering an optimal surface for paint application and final touches, simplifying the staircase renovation process.

The collection minimises time on-site because minimal preparation is required, ensuring a higher quality finish. Estimating one less day for installation and finishing, the products eliminate the need for sanding, filling, or priming without compromising on quality.

Available in Radiata Pine, keeping in line with Richard Burbidge's sustainable values, the timber used is FSC-certified and has been strength tested for domestic Regulations. Moreover, this collection integrates with other Richard Burbidge ranges, allowing creative combinations such as blending natural oak with painted stairparts.


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