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Keyfix - strengthening the future of the construction industry through apprenticeship training

KEYFIX national apprenticeship week

As a company that prides itself on the development and support of young and talented bricklayers and contractors, Keyfix is proud to support apprentices through MentorMe and Keyskills training schemes. Offering a multitude of practical and theoretical learning opportunities, these schemes are designed to help strengthen the future of the construction industry and meet any future demands in the UK.

Keyfix is delighted to be able to play a major role in doing that – especially as it’s National Apprenticeship Week between Monday 5th February and Sunday 11th February. With the construction industry in need of talented and skilled apprentices, supporting these apprenticeship schemes allows Keyfix to provide an excellent platform on which to develop and enhance experiences and skills. Collaborating with many organisations and colleges throughout the UK, Keyfix and the wider Keystone Group continue to support apprentices, providing them with the tools and mentoring they need to enjoy the myriad of experiences the construction industry has to offer.


Keyfix is delighted to announce their ongoing partnership with Lyons & Annoot on their MentorMe apprenticeship programme. The MentorMe initiative was set up by specialist brickwork contractor Lyons & Annoot with the aim of providing a wide range of learning opportunities in specialisms where apprentices would be utilising the modern masonry solutions offered by Keyfix and Keystone Lintels.

The incredibly detailed training programme covers a comprehensive range of masonry building techniques and skills, helping apprentices gain practical experience in using contemporary masonry systems, such as Non-combustible Cavity Trays and Hi-therm+ lintels. Additionally, apprentices on the MentorMe scheme have access to tailored and informative webinars that cover a multitude of topics, such as innovations in lintels and thermal bridging and addressing the non-combustible challenge (featuring Keyfix Non-combustible Cavity Trays).

John Duffin, Managing Director at Keyfix, said: “Ensuring apprentices are well catered for as part of the learning process, as well as making sure they are well looked after, will be key to keeping them on board with the programme. This is something Lyons & Annoot has achieved over the years, which is why they have such good trainee retainment. It all points towards the Mentor Me programme, which we’re delighted to sponsor, becoming a great success.”

3 apprentice's smiling


With around 225,000 additional workers required to meet UK construction demand by 2027, the demand for new recruits will always be high. As a result, the Keyskills educational initiative was set up by Keystone Group brands Keyfix, IG Masonry Support, and Keystone Lintels.

The apprenticeship scheme showcases a wide range of construction methods through free training support and materials and looks to relieve financial pressures on education establishments. This will allow extra funding for the recruitment and development of bricklaying training courses. Various organisations and colleges can apply for free training support for their apprentices by filling out a contact form here. As a company that focuses on supporting and educating apprentices of all ages and helping them develop and enhance their skills and experience in the construction industry, Keyfix is thrilled to utilise the Keyskills training programme.

Owen Coyle, Divisional CEO of the Keystone Group said: “We see it as our duty to help inspire young people and show them that traditional trades offer a career that is fulfilling and rewarding. It is vital that we continually bring generation after generation into the fold for construction; it brings fresh new ideas and adds energy to our industry. That is why we wholeheartedly believe in Keyskills.”

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As a manufacturer of market-leading non-combustible masonry accessories, Keyfix is renowned for innovation and surpassing client expectations with our full customer service package. One of the ways in which Keyfix do this is by having a team of highly experienced and skilled workers, many of whom have worked their way through the business having been apprentices in their respective fields themselves.


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