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SNIPEF chief urges skill development policies to boost economy in upcoming election

Following the announcement of the General Election on 4 July, Fiona Hodgson, Chief Executive of the Scottish and Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers’ Federation (SNIPEF), has urged all political parties to focus on developing a skilled and productive workforce to ensure the UK remains competitive.

Fiona Hodgson portrait

“This election presents a crucial opportunity for our political leaders to commit to policies that not only ignite economic growth but also foster a skilled workforce essential for national prosperity and enhancing social mobility,” said Hodgson.

"As we strive to boost our economy, the role of vocational professions such as plumbing and heating is increasingly vital. By equipping individuals with specialised skills and training, we are not only preparing them for immediate job opportunities but also opening doors to upward mobility and long-term career advancement."

"The plumbing and heating profession is a critical component of the UK's economic engine, playing a significant role in maintaining a vital part of our national infrastructure and spearheading the transition to low-carbon heating solutions. 

“Any future government policy must, therefore, support the growth of this profession through streamlined regulations, incentivised training, and robust practice standards across the profession."

Hodgson added, "Our members expect this election to yield a government that recognises the importance of our profession and collaborates with its leaders to promote job creation, skill enhancement and investment. 

“These measures are crucial not only for the health of our economy but for ensuring the UK remains a competitive player on the global stage and a society where upward mobility is accessible to all."

Learn more about SNIPEF’s Manifesto for Change: Pathways to a Sustainable and Prosperous Future at


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