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Primed moisture-resistant MEDITE panel saves time and money on site

MEDITE SMARTPLY has launched MEDITE MR PLUS to the UK and Ireland.

MEDITE MR PLUS is a premium, white-primed and moisture-resistant MDF panel. It comes pre-primed on both surfaces using an opaque, UV-cured coating system with a matt low gloss finish.

That means it offers all the benefits of the existing MEDITE MR product, but helps customers save time, effort and money by eliminating the need to prime the panel before painting.

Medite MR Plus new primed moisture resistant panel

Jack Scanlan, Product Marketing Executive at MEDITE SMARTPLY, said: "We're absolutely delighted to bring MEDITE MR PLUS to the UK and Irish markets. It's an incredibly versatile product that has the added benefit of being primed. Removing the priming stage from the process enables the end user to save time and cut down on project costs."

MEDITE MR PLUS is suitable for a wide range of interior applications. Its moisture resistant properties make it ideal for kitchen and bathroom furniture, intricate joinery and cabinetry projects, shop fit outs, events and exhibition stands.

Jack said: "MEDITE MR PLUS is a perfect example of MEDITE SMARTPLY's continuing commitment to create products that meet the diverse needs of specifiers, users and designers."

MEDITE SMARTPLY manufactures a wide range of environmentally conscious engineered wood panels that are fully certified, UKCA and CE marked and legally sourced.


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