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New technology partnership brings Passivent ventilation products to IESVE

Passivent forms technology partnership with IES

Natural and hybrid ventilation solutions manufacturer, Passivent has partnered with Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) to make a number of its products available to model within the Virtual Environment (VE) platform IESVE, starting with the Airscoop® Roof Ventilation Terminal. 


The Airscoop Roof Ventilation Terminal, one of Passivent’s most commonly specified products, is now available as part of the latest IESVE Feature Pack 5 - an integrated suite for accurate whole building performance simulation. The inclusion of Passivent Airscoop provides specifiers with a fast, streamlined and easy-to-use method of simulating the effect of these products within Virtual Environment models. 

Used by sustainable design consultants worldwide to improve a building’s performance, the IESVE platform is an in-depth suite of integrated analysis tools for the design and retrofit of buildings. It embeds energy and performance analysis into the design process across the entire building lifecycle. A dedicated VE Navigator has been created to guide users through a stepped process, from importing the products into their model, configuring their operation, preparing, and applying to rooms, thermal simulation and compliance analysis. 


Huw Poppy, Business Operations Manager at Passivent said: “Bringing our range of natural and hybrid ventilation solutions, including our popular Airscoop roof terminals, to IESVE will smooth the specification process for our customers. Effective ventilation strategies can be complex so the fully integrated nature of IESVE offers specifiers invaluable data to ensure ventilation solutions, like those which we provide, will work efficiently in operation within a building. It’s just one way we’re proud to support our customers to make sure they get the most out of our products.”

Passivent’s Airscoop roof-mounted natural ventilation terminals provide displacement ventilation to large buildings and deep plan spaces. Designed to ‘capture’ prevailing wind and direct it via four separate chambers within the terminal to the space beneath, the optimised segmented design delivers maximum airflow capacity with minimal pressure drop through the system. 


The agreement with IES will see more of Passivent’s natural and hybrid ventilation products become available during 2024.

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