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Kingfisher Louvres products are now available to specify via the NBS platform

Kingfisher Louvres, a specialist manufacturer of aluminium architectural louvres, has made four of its most popular screening and single bank weather louvres available to specify via the NBS Source platform. 

NBS Source is a powerful tool for architects and specifiers, with access to thousands of products and high-quality BIM objects certified to meet the NBS BIM Object Standard. This ensures the object acts and performs as it would be expected to in the real world as well as containing real-time product information. Specifiers will be able to add BIM objects of Kingfisher’s KC120 screening louvres plus its KW75Z, KW100Z and KW75HPG single bank weather louvres, directly into specifications through NBS Source. 


Generally used for screening HVAC and other plant equipment, predominantly on rooftops, the Kingfisher KC120 screening louvre system’s Z-profile blade can be angled upwards or downwards for screening from any angle. 


Kingfisher’s KW75Z and KW100Z single bank weather louvres both offer permanent ventilation combined with weather protection and visual screening. They’re suitable for a range of applications such as air inlet and exhaust for air conditioning systems, plant rooms, generators and pumping stations. And with the added benefit of increased weather protection, Kingfisher’s KW75HPG high performance single bank weather louvre has comparable performance characteristics to double bank systems, whilst also offering greater ventilation and reduced depth of opening.


Part of the Building Product Design group, Kingfisher offers a comprehensive collection of louvres made from extruded aluminium which are designed for use in various applications and for different sectors. The range includes louvres which provide ventilation, weather resistance, screening, acoustic attenuation, as well as framed louvres and grilles and louvred doors.


To find out more, visit www.kingfisherlouvres.comcall 01773 814102 or email


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