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Kinedo launches Ekinox walk-in shower enclosure

Kinedo has added another range of walk-in shower enclosures to its shower portfolio in the shape of the stylish Ekinox+ range, following hot on the heels of the launch of its Alpha Solo panel.

The stand-out feature of the Ekinox+ range is the option of striking, coloured profiles such as the unusual brushed cobalt blue aluminium profile and the vibrant copper or brushed stainless steel option.

Ekinox new walk in shower range by Kinedo

The Ekinox Solo is a simple glass panel option for an open showering area. It can be installed in a corner, in a recess or against the wall (the latter option requires two reinforcement bars).

Ekinox Duo features a 180° pivot section to eliminate splash and can be installed with a choice of a chrome straight reinforcement bar (1,200mm max) or a floor-to-ceiling bar (2,800mm max). It's available in sizes from 700m to 1,400mm.

The Ekinox Corner features a fixed panel for corner installations with the Ekinox Solo and Duo. Sizes range from 700mm to 1000mm.

From huge open spaces to small clever space-saving designs, the versatile Ekinox range, with its array of options, makes it is easy to find the right panel to create the perfect showering area, whatever the size, design or budget.


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