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Kinedo launches decorative Kinewall panels

Kinewall by Kinedo, is a new range of decorative bathroom wall panels designed not just for shower spaces, but for a whole bathroom, cloakroom or utility room.

There are 70 unique patterns, styles and colours in the range, broken down into categories including minerals and metals; nature; patterns and geometric; and wood.  

Kindeo decorative Kinewall panels for hotels

Whether customers prefer an industrial chic, classy panelling, a natural look or an eclectic design, single-pattern panels can be used to offer consistency in style, or they can be mixed and matched to suit their preference.  

The panels are available in six different sizes: 1000x2020mm, 1250x2020mm, 1500x2020mm, and 1000x2500mm, 1250x2500mm, 1500x2500mm, making it possible to accommodate almost any space.

They can be cut to the required size on site thanks to their composition of a polyethylene core with an aluminium layer on either side. At 11kg they are also lightweight and easy to handle, clean and maintain. 

The Kinewall range has a 10-year warranty.


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