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Helping you achieve the Future Homes and Buildings Standard

With the introduction of the Future Buildings Standard policy and changes to Parts L and F of UK Building Regulations, air source heat pumps (ASHPs) are an increasingly attractive option for heating newbuild properties. Requiring larger 15mm pipes to achieve necessary flow rates, ASHPs allow lower temperature, higher capacity systems that gradually emit ambient heat – maximising efficiency and minimising emissions.

With major housebuilders and sub-contractors already installing ASHPs Manthorpe has developed the GRS-DUO-15 a Twin Plate Radiator Pipe Guide and Seal.  Designed specifically for 15mm pipes, it is specifically tailored to meet the needs of both the first- and second-fix plumbing phases.

Pipes and wires coming out of a wall

The first fix Mount Plate can be easily affixed to block or studwork to help clamp, align and guide the pipework through the penetration, interim works can then be completed knowing that the pipes are secure and correctly oriented.

The Cover Plate is then fitted during the second fix phase. Sealing the pipe penetration to eliminate the air leakage path, the Cover is anchored into the Mount Plate behind with a single, central fixing, with no need for plasterboard fixings.

The GRS-DUO-15 adds another layer to the unseen work that radiator pipe guides and seals do within the construction of a home. It offers improved positioning and fixing versatility, along with a more robust seal, to further ensure that air leakage behind every radiator is eliminated.



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