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GF Uponor becomes GF Building Flow Solutions

GF announces that its GF Uponor division is renamed as GF Building Flow Solutions.

an office building with flags that say GF

The division – built on the acquisition of Uponor late last year as well as the building technology segment of GF Piping Systems – is committed to finding new ways to conserve, manage and provide water responsibly. The new name underscores the division’s focus on residential, commercial and public buildings, while GF Piping Systems remains a leading provider for utility and industry flow solutions.

The internationally renowned Uponor brand, which will remain unchanged, will further strengthen the division’s market presence as a product brand. The Uponor brand is well positioned to address global trends such as energy efficiency, the need for safe and clean water, as well as a net-zero impact on the climate.

The new GF Building Flow Solutions creates a powerful leader in the market, but also conveys a common identity around GF’s focus on products and solutions providing superior customer value. All divisions of GF are part of a strong global family of about 20,000 employees, generating close to CHF 4.0 billion in sales in 2023.


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