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Get the timber knowledge with new library

Timber Development UK (TDUK) has published the first section of its huge new library of Timber Knowledge Sheets, which cover everything specifiers need to know about using timber in construction projects.

Timber Development UK's first section of new library published

The first 50 of 140 Timber Knowledge Sheets are now online, providing an introduction to a host of timber topics and answering common questions about every aspect of working with wood.

Developed with experts from Edinburgh Napier University and TDUK's unrivalled membership network of timber professionals, more than 50 Timber Knowledge Sheets are now available for TDUK members to read and download.

The new Knowledge Sheets cover technical information in detail, such as Timber Sizes and Tolerances – which explains tolerance classes, target sizes and strength classes for structural timber.

There are also introductions to the many different types of timber components, including Sole Plates, Trussed Rafters, Breather Membranes and Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS).

The Knowledge Library contains plenty of regulatory guidance and 'best practice' information for working on site, as well as guides to the responsible and sustainable use of timber

The library is online at


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