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Get the full house with Quickslide

Choosing the right doors and windows for a project is a huge decision. There’s not just the style, performance and quality of products to consider, but also which supplier you can trust to deliver, to make the process as smooth as possible and to help you achieve the very best results.


Mike and Yvonne needed about 60 units, including windows, external doors and a bespoke front door, to complete their home and chose Quickslide.

Quickslide bespoke door

They said: “We had a good recommendation from a friend to use Quickslide for the extensive products we needed. We went to visit the offices and realised everything was manufactured on site, which gave us even greater confidence. For us it was important that we could see where our windows would be produced.”


The Quickslide range was able to cater for all their needs, offering the styles, options, quality and performance they wanted in the timeframe they required.


They continued: “The quality of the product you pay for shows. Yes, we probably could have spent a bit less, but the quality and finish would be nowhere near what we have achieved with Quickslide.


“The bespoke front door has totally changed the look of our front entrance. In fact, the overall package of all the windows and doors has transformed the whole look of our house. We’ve already recommended Quickslide to a number of our friends.”



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