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General election a pivotal opportunity for sustainable housing solutions

The Structural Timber Association (STA) has welcomed the announcement of the upcoming general election, calling it a critical moment for the future of the UK’s housing policy.


Andrew Carpenter, Chief Executive Officer of the STA, commented: “This is a pivotal opportunity to place sustainable housing at the top of the political agenda and we urge all political parties to seize this chance to revolutionise the way we build our homes. Housing is a crucial issue for voters across the country, but it’s essential that we underline the importance of sustainability and to continue the momentum that has been garnered by the Timber in Construction Policy Roadmap, published in December last year.

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“Setting out a clear path towards the increased use of timber in construction, the Roadmap has laid the foundation for transforming our housing landscape through the integration of timber frame housing. This method of construction offers a speedy, sustainable and clean approach to meeting the current and future demands of housing – as well as utilising offsite assembly, which effectively addresses the skill shortages that are endemic within our sector.


“Increasing the use of timber in construction presents a promising solution for the incoming Government to address the pressing housing crisis and tackle net zero obligations, and it’s vital that the progress we have already made is not lost.”


Carpenter also highlighted that timber frame construction is well-positioned to deliver on multiple fronts:


Speed: Timber frame houses can be constructed more quickly than traditional methods, ensuring timely delivery of much-needed homes.


Sustainability: Timber is a renewable resource that significantly reduces the carbon footprint of construction projects.


Clean construction: The offsite assembly of timber frame houses leads to less waste and disruption at building sites.


Skill shortage solution: Modern methods of construction mitigate the impact of the current skill shortage in the construction industry.


As the election approaches, the Structural Timber Association urges all political parties to prioritise sustainable housing solutions, calling for the integration of timber frame construction within housing policies to revolutionise the way we build, ensuring a greener and more efficient future.


For more information about the STA please visit: 

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