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New and improved! Infinity ZM(310) Coated Steel Gutters

Rainclear systems, the UK’s leading specialists in metal rainwater, roofline, drainage, and architectural ranges, introduce Infinity ZM gutters, hoppers and downpipes - improved with a new, innovative coating of Zinc, Magnesium and Aluminium to produce an even more robust rainwater system with an improved full system guarantee of 20 years.

 Infinity ZM Steel lasts longer and retains the shiny, metallic finish for longer.

Longer lasting 

The combination of zinc, 3.5% aluminium, and 3% magnesium in the 310g/sqm metallic coating provides a breakthrough in corrosion protection - three times better than traditionally galvanised steel (zinc alone coated metal) in outdoor tests.

With the same self-healing effect – once cut with a hacksaw (no spinning blade please - they heat up the metal and release toxic zinc fumes) - which ensures excellent edge protection (an unprecedented level of surface and cut-edge protection, even in some of the most hostile environments (C1-4)).

Loger lasting metallic finish

This version retains its shiny metallic finish for longer. Galvanised steel dulls over time, gradually becoming more ‘matt’ and weathered - a consequence of the zinc coating being sacrificed to create a hard patina or crust that protects the steel core. The new formula coating means that, while it works in a similar way to protect the core steel, the process takes longer. 

And the old ‘zinc only’ Galv steel components came with an oil coating to protect the process from happening faster and unevenly in the places where ungloved fingers had touched the surface during installation. (Eventually the patina would become even/ the same all over). But this not an issue with the new Z(n, Al,)M(g) formula coating.

On the plain Galv steel gutter in this image you can see the handprints of the installers are visible on the surface. Eventually the patina becomes the same all over, so these do not remain this obvious! Wearing gloves would have avoided this.

Resistant to more aggressive environments

It is now more suitable for industrial environments, and suitable closer to coastal environments than ever before, as well as closer than our closest rivals can recommend. 

15 Years at 300m-2000m from coast (C4)

20 Years at 2000m + from coast (C1-C3)

(the alternative for these locations, and those even closer to the coast has always been to select a colour coated version -  like the  Aluminium grey colour coated system, for example - instead).

And it is also now more corrosion resistant to run-off from bituminous materials and woods with high acidic content like Douglas Fir, Oak, Chestnut, Larch, Red cedar, and Cedar. (Materials such as cedar or birch cladding contain volatile alcohols, and oils that have a solvent action on some protective coatings applied to metal – iron and uncoated (even the zinc only galvanised) steel are much more susceptible to the corrosive influence of these woods) (the alternative in these situations has always been to select one of the robust, 4-layer colour coated versions) instead.

Key features

  • Environmentally friendly and fully recyclable

  • Slower natural weathering process

  • Enhanced protection with 310g/sqm metallic coating

  • Market leading full system warranty for C4 environments

So now they can say the manufacturer full system guarantee is for 20 years (following installation guidance – which they will supply as a downloadable PDF with every order of an Infinity ZM(310) coated steel  - read for yourself now: but with proper care and sensible maintenance the life expectancy should be considerably more.

What’s more, for now, they are keeping the price for the improved Infinity ZM(310) coated steel at the same prices as the previous ‘zinc only’ galvanised steel.

If you don’t find what you are looking for on the website or have questions, please get in touch with their friendly, knowledgeable team for free on: 0800 644 44 26, by emailing, or now also by ‘WhatsApp’ing them on

Why not request a sample, a pricelist and/or a phone call to discuss your project.

Or visit the website to browse and shop the range for yourself right now – and look out for the new ZM(310) ‘filter by’ option to only list/show these components; and the ‘New Coating’  icon on the product images here:



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