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Capitalising on the climate

With summer around the corner, many homeowners’ attentions are turning to their garden, which opens up a big market for balustrading, according to Paul Miller, National Sales Manager at Bohle.

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Diversifying their offering is key to installer’s success in difficult sales climates, believes Bohle’s National Sales Manager, Paul Miller, as traditional window businesses explore ways that they can extend their market reach.


“At Bohle, we pride ourselves on the choice that we provide installers that offers them new, profitable opportunities, away from their established window and door ranges”, Paul says.


“Of course, like any home improvement trade, there is an element of seasonality around sales – homeowners are more likely to undertake certain home improvement projects at certain times of the year, and that’s why it’s important for installers to have a range of services that they can offer all year round.”


So, whilst early spring is said to be the most popular time for window replacements in the UK (Green Match), the summer months prove most popular for home projects (British Gas).


In fact, over half of homeowners said that they were most inclined to undertake home improvement projects in May and June, attributing the warmer weather, longer days, and bank holidays as factors in their decisions (British Gas).


“We know that homeowners are looking to refresh their homes now”, Paul says. “But we need to remember that the garden is a part of the home which poses numerous opportunities for installers to capitalise on: central to this is balustrading.”


Style and substance

Balustrades have long been present in gardens, used to frame patios, offer safety in critical areas, and distinguish between elements of a landscape.

“But we’re really starting to see balustrades being used as an architectural design feature – not just a safety feature that fulfils Document K”, Paul explains.


“With this comes more intricate designs, thicker glass and more innovative framing systems. Because of this, it’s important that installers are using the correct kit for their balustrading projects to avoid call-backs, and that’s where our VetroMount system comes into play.”



Bohle’s easy-fit VetroMount balustrade system is now available with a 1.5kN line-loading and is offered in a standard face or floor fixing option; a flush-finish; and a third, ‘Y’ shaped channel, which tapers down to the face of the substrate, to create a clean minimalist finish.


Each minimises fixings, while making installation simple using Bohle’s patented zip-fix technology and cradle to hold the glass firmly in the channel. This also makes alignment easy, with simple adjustment.   


Available in standard 2.5m and 5m lengths, VetroMount accommodates glass thickness of up to 21.5mm. It’s also counterbored, which means it’s suitable for use with standard, rather than more expensive counter-fix fixings.


“With VetroMount, we’ve simplified the balustrade installation, so there’s no need to carry specialist tools, which reduces fixing costs and protects margin”, Paul explains.


“And while balustrading for domestic use only requires a 0.74kN line loading, the contemporary all-glass system can be upgraded to a 1.5kN system using additional glass carriers and 21.5mm PVB laminated glass. This means the product can confidently be installed in high-traction, outdoor areas, such as gardens.”


VetroMount was independently tested in August 2023 to BS6180:2011 for a 1.5kN line load.


“Demand for our VetroMount system has never been higher”, Paul says. “Installers are seeing the benefits of the high margin product that VetroMount easily facilitates, and are coming back for it time and time again, capitalising on the current demand for premium garden renovations.” 


For more about Bohle’s product and service offer, including the latest Home Improvements brochure, visit  email or call the customer services team free on 0800 616151 for more information.




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