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Bask in the Glow with TuffX

With continued pressure to innovate our way to more energy efficient, sustainable homes, TuffX has launched Glow, its electrically heated glass product. Designed for use with bi-fold doors in the first instance, the glass offers a new way to heat homes.

"With traditional heaters and gas boilers being recognised as inefficient, there is an urgent need for effective and affordable alternatives," explained Paul Higgins, Commercial Director of TuffX. "Glow offers a solution that is like underfloor heating, in that it doesn't require wall space, but is also not prohibitively expensive. Using infrared technology, it is thermostat controlled like existing familiar heating systems.

TuffX Glow electrically heated glass product

"TuffX is offering full training on Glow's features, benefits, and correct installation methods to our approved trade partners, which they can then disseminate to specifiers and installers.

"The system comprises a sealed unit that is layered with intelligent conductive coatings to emit radiant heat into the home," continued Paul. "With this advanced technology it can be used as a primary heating source with temperatures reaching 35-40°C. It also has the added benefit of eliminating unsightly condensation. And, speaking of aesthetics, we are pleased to bring this product to market with no visible trace of a heating system inside. The coatings we have used are completely undetectable. From a homeowner's perspective the glass will look the same as that found in any other bi-fold door.

"The Glow heated glass system is fully compliant with EN12150 and EN1279 Parts 1-4 and is a fantastic solution for the upcoming Future Homes Standard as it's a direct replacement for gas heating systems. It also boasts a 1.2W/m2K U-Value for optimum energy efficiency all year round.

Paul concludes: "Consumers need alternative sustainable heating methods that are realistic and don't cost the earth. We are proud that the TuffX development team have cultivated such a fantastic solution for the end user, but that is also easy for fabricators and installers to add to their offering. The product with its radiant technology really is a game changer and we’re excited to see its impact in the market."


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