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Wraptite helps construct Northampton Boys School

The Wraptite external air barrier system from the A. Proctor Group has been chosen for its airtight benefits for a Department for Education (DfE)-funded project of the offsite construction of Northampton School for Boys Multi-Academy Trust.

The new project forms part of a full turnkey solution provided by Algeco, which acted as Principal Design and Build Contractor alongside Watson Batty Architects. The project includes a total of 210 modules using Seismic technology, plus a hybrid structure for the halls, to create the 1,200-place new secondary school, which includes a sixth form.

Wraptite external air barrier system used at Northampton Boys School

Using Seismic technology for the Northampton school modules will deliver important benefits. The company says it is 75% faster and achieves a 47% improvement in value compared to traditional construction techniques, as well as offering a 33% improvement in speed when compared with standard modular construction.

In terms of sustainability, Seismic delivers significant reductions in both operational and embodied carbon of up to 70%. This is achieved through factors including design efficiency, materials selection and manufacturing effectiveness, leading to limited wastage.

A vital element of modern design and construction is to maximise energy efficiency. Controlling spiralling energy costs is particularly key in educational facilities such as schools and colleges.

The Wraptite air barrier system is a safe and simplified membrane system. It provides a fully self-adhered vapour permeable air barrier, certified by the BBA, and combines the critical properties of vapour permeability and airtightness. This approach saves on both the labour and material costs

associated with achieving the energy efficiency demands in buildings.

The self-adhesive design is perfectly suited to offsite manufacture, as it's quick to apply. Installing Wraptite at a low level in the factory enables the membrane to be easily applied and avoids the risks of working at height.

Offsite installation also enables the product to be installed in completely dry conditions to ensure full adhesion in a quality-controlled environment to deliver the required airtightness requirements. The product is very durable and provides excellent protection in transit and on-site.

The high vapour permeability of the Wraptite air barrier allows the substrate beneath to dry quickly and moisture vapour to escape and reduces the likelihood of mould, mildew, condensation, timber distortion and metal corrosion.

Also specified alongside Wraptite was Protech GM Super a high-performance proprietary reinforced gas barrier that has been specifically designed by the A. Proctor Group to conform with the latest guidance.

The technical team at the A. Proctor Group provides comprehensive guidance to architects and contractors in specifying membranes.


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