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Style, sustainability, and standards drive aluminium trend

As aluminium glazing systems continue to see an increase in popularity in both the residential and commercial sectors, Terry Ledwith, Head of Sales for Trade and Retail at Reynaers Aluminium UK, looks at what is driving demand and how the company is meeting sustainability requirements. 


Minimal frames and slimline styling have continued to be a leading trend for building design in both the commercial and residential sectors – and this looks set to continue into the foreseeable future. Homeowners want slimline frames that perform well – bringing together the best in form and function. The challenge is not only to make good looking windows and doors – it is to make good looking windows and doors that meet the highest standards for sustainability as well as performance.

Terry Ledwith from Reynaers Aluminium UK

While the demand is still there for bi-folding doors in the trade and retail market we have seen demand ramp up for slimline sliding doors, where Reynaers is recognised as a leader in the field.


Within this our flagship sustainable sliding door MasterPatio is a standout product for the new homes market, along with our next generation slimline windows - SlimLine 38 (SL 38), MasterLine 8 (ML 8) and MasterLine 10 (ML 10), which are ready for the current thermal efficiency regulations - and for future regulations we expect to see.


MasterPatio offers leading performance in air, wind and water testing and its sustainability credentials are excellent, it achieves U-values as low as 0.8W/m²K and is Cradle to Cradle certified, using recycled materials and minimising waste in production. MasterPatio is also PAS 24 compliant, which is not easy to obtain for slimline sliding doors. This is the quality we need to see in windows and doors that are fit for the future – and that meet increased demand for more sustainable options.


To help maintain the slim sightlines that homeowners want to see, while also delivering high thermal efficiency, newer systems for windows and doors have been created in a way that allows part of the frame to be hidden in the substrate of the building. This allows the glazed area to be maximised and supports the demand for minimal frames.


Design for all


We are constantly updating our products to enhance performance, researching and testing solutions that improve ventilation and insulation, and continue to feed into the Government consultation, working closely with trade bodies, such as the Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB) and Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF), to keep a track of legislative changes coming down the line.


Our focus as a manufacturer has always been on creating energy-efficient, responsibly made products that successfully blend design and technology, deliver on performance and aesthetics, are cost effective to produce, and can be installed safely and efficiently. 


We’re proud to provide customers with a comprehensive, contemporary and highly competitive choice when it comes to aluminium products. As such, a number of the company’s most innovative door and window systems are available in both the commercial specification and retail or domestic markets.


The ConceptPatio 130 (CP 130) lift and slide patio door system, for example, is prolifically specified and installed in both commercial and residential buildings, giving architects and homeowners the opportunity to take advantage of the trend for opening up traditional window spaces. The CP 130 range makes it possible to completely open up two sides of a room to enhance light and space and give the feeling of bringing the outside into a room.

Another product that cuts across both commercial and trade and retail sectors is the HiFinity inline sliding door.


Reynaers’ HiFinity sliding system is an extremely popular choice for both architects and homeowners thanks to its slimline frame and ability to be fitted to bespoke height – up to 4 metres - and widths. The ultra-slim design is highly engineered and seamlessly extends the interior to the outside with multiple threshold options.


As we work extensively on commercial projects that need to meet very specific demands in terms of performance, backed up by rigorous testing, many of the products that Reynaers create have been through testing for extreme circumstances. Key to Reynaers offering is the extensive dedicated support we offer to architects and specifiers.      


The aesthetics and durability of aluminium offer lasting appeal but that needs to be matched by performance. Through robust testing, constant development and a commitment to innovation that marries aesthetic excellence with high thermal efficiency and proven standards, the appeal of aluminium will only continue to grow.


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