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Saniflo UK extends submersible pump range

Saniflo UK has expanded its portfolio of submersible pumps with rainwater and wastewater pumping solutions. The Sanipump VX range offers cast iron pumps with vortex technology and single- and three-phase options, while the Saniflo SLD is designed for high-flow stormwater drainage and wastewater.

Saniflo UK new submersible water pump

Sanipump VX 50 is a submersible pump for lifting wastewater and rainwater to a maximum head of 16m with a discharge diameter of DN50. Designed to be installed in a manhole or pit, it is available as either a portable or stationary unit and in 12 versions: eight single-phase (including four automatic) and four three-phase versions.

Sanipump VX 65/80 are designed for the lifting of wastewater and rainwater to a maximum head of 35m. They are equipped with a vortex impeller and have a discharge diameter of 120 to 190mm, with an output in DN65 or DN80.


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