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Rinnai to showcase new H3 products at Installer Show

Rinnai’s stand at the 2024 Installer SHOW will be packed with new products and services. The stand will be a serious but welcoming site with refreshments and some games in the form of darts, golf putting competitions and table football.

three of Rinnai's water heaters shown in a cascade

The stand will feature Rinnai’s heating and hot water system provisions in the H3 initiative, which consists of:

  • H1 – Natural gas, hydrogen and BioLPG-ready hot water heating units and systems and boilers.

  • H2 – Hybrid systems featuring a mix of appliances and renewables such as solar.

  • H3 – heat pumps, instantaneous hot water heaters electrically powered and electric cylinders.

These launches are all available with in-house system design support and training to give specifiers peace of mind, along with carbon and cost modelling. The extensive range includes technologies for all mainstream varieties of energy, including:

  • Low-GWP heat pumps (4kw – 110kw).

  • Hydrogen blend-ready continuous flow water heaters and BioLPG-ready commercial condensing water heaters.

  • Naked energy solar thermal systems.

  • Electric hot water cylinders for commercial applications.

  • An exclusive first look at the new Rinnai instant electric water heater range.

Rinnai’s Operations Director, Chris Goggin, said: “We believe in a practical, economical and technically feasible approach to finding a cost efficient and durable solution to each and every site – on and off grid.”

Rinnai’s solar thermal water heating systems can save up to 3.5x more carbon/m2 compared to conventional solar technology. This, combined with the Rinnai Hydrogen and BioLPG ready condensing water heater system, will save carbon and cost as the water heaters will modulate from 58kw down to 4.4kW dependent on the solar input, so they only consume gas when needed.

Rinnai’s intelligent condensing continuous flow water heaters can save more than 30% in operational running costs when compared to gas fired storage systems, helping to reduce fuel costs and exposure to ever-increasing energy and climate change legislation.

All the solar thermal products are precisely aligned with the hot water heating systems and units, which are ready for 20% hydrogen blends and renewable liquid fuel (BioLPG and rDME) combustion technologies.

Rinnai’s H3 range of decarbonising products also includes commercial and domestic heat pumps. The HPIH commercial heat pumps are suitable for schools, restaurants, and small retail outlets. Rinnai’s HPIH Monobloc air source heat pumps range from 21kW to 32kW. Up to seven units can be cascaded together or operate alone as one unit.

Rinnai’s HPHP series of LOW GWP heat pumps range from 48kw to 70kw. The technology added in the injection process outperforms gas compression technology and ensures that even with outside temperatures of -25°C, heating and hot water of up to 60°C can still be delivered.

Visit and leave your name and email to be automatically entered into a prize draw to win £1,000 of Rinnai heating tech.


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