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Rinnai adds R290 heat pump range to decarbonising product list

R290 High Temperature Air Source Heat Pumps added to Rinnai’s product options.  

The start of 2024 will see Rinnai introduce further decarbonising options across all appliances and energy formats. 

Rinnai air source heat pump

Rinnai has added an additional line of commercial heat pump technology to an already extensive list of decarbonising appliances. The innovative new range of air source heat pumps utilizes R290, a LOW scoring GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerant. 


R290 allows for several operational benefits: energy efficiency is improved by 10%, the enabling of water temperature up to 75 degrees Celsius and R290 usage provides compliance alongside the European F-Gas Regulation which focuses on phasing down refrigerant environmental impact.  


Rinnai is continuing to add further low carbon options for UK customers that require low cost, efficient and durable products. Throughout the beginning of 2024 Rinnai will introduce a comprehensive range of systems and appliances that utilise separate energies for domestic, commercial and off-grid properties.  


Rinnai’s R290 air source heat pump range is available in 11 different sizes, from 6 kW up to 50 kW. All units arrive with control systems that allows time sensitive programming and customisation enabling specific customer requirements to be met. 


To preview this exciting new range visit 


Rinnai’s air source heat pump range is ratified with an ERP rating of A +++ and A ++ depending on size and can also fulfil UK customer decarbonising ambitions. As well as providing an extensive list of low carbon technologies Rinnai also offer a range of online customer services that assist in customer choice and information. 


Rinnai air source heat pump icon

Rinnai’s carbon calculation service considers design from a holistic perspective of capital expenditure, operational expenditure, and carbon savings. Rinnai’s carbon calculation service will compare a customer’s current heating system to Rinnai’s product list of low carbon, high performance, heating systems that are all proven to reduce cost. This feature will enable customers to view proven benefits when investing in a Rinnai system. 


Rinnai low-GWP range of heat pumps demonstrate Rinnai’s continuous dedication to producing low cost, highly efficient and thoroughly robust appliances that reduces operational expenditure and carbon emissions.   


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