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Remapping the built environment industry for the 21st century

Remap, a technology company aiming to transform the built environment industry, has been launched by former Hawkins\Brown digital design associates Ben Porter and Jack Stewart.

Ben Porter and Jack Stewart, founders of Remap

Remap stands at the intersection of technology and construction, using creative solutions to address long-standing industry headaches and set new standards. Key services include digital transformation strategy, computational BIM & digital design, 2D / 3D application development and design to construction solutions.

Ben and Jack each bring over ten years’ industry experience and expertise to the business. Qualified architects turned self-taught software developers, they honed their craft spearheading digital transformation of design and delivery at leading architecture practice Hawkins\Brown. With a solid foundation in design and construction and a passion for using technology to solve problems, they are on a mission to transform the industry from a fresh perspective.

Jack Stewart says: “The built environment industry is at a critical juncture, facing challenges that require inventive solutions. There are so many organisations doing amazing work despite the hugely challenging landscape of the built environment industry - manual, unpredictable, adversarial, under-trained, under-funded and often undeliverable.

“We believe that creative technologies can be a catalyst for positive change. From estate analysis, through design, construction, and use, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of conventional practices.”

Oliver Milton, managing partner at Hawkins\Brown says: ”Ben and Jack’s fresh ideas and commitment to reshaping the industry have greatly benefitted Hawkins\Brown and our clients. We look forward to continuing to work with Remap to help bring about positive change in the built environment.”



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