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Polypipe Building Products create a complete Plumbing & Heating solution with PolyPlumb Enhanced

For 25 years, PolyPlumb has served as a tried and tested staple of the residential plumbing market, and now Polypipe’s well-known push-fit plumbing system has been enhanced with a fresh new look and featuring patented In-Cert feedback technology. 

PolyPlumb Enhanced features our patented In-Cert providing the installer with improved jointing assurance and peace of mind through haptic feedback.

The In-Cert Pipe Stiffener is manufactured from a high specification engineering polymer which is used in complex and demanding automotive, aerospace and medical applications. It incorporates a 360º wave feature in its head which engages with projections within the socket and helps to align and centralise the pipe. The haptic click of the In-Cert® technology gives real confidence; just push the pipe home, twist and you know the jobs done; push, twist, know.

PolyPlumb Enhanced also brings a fresh new look and is available in white for the first time as well as the original grey, allowing it to blend seamlessly in a range of settings. The two colours are fully compatible with each other if required.

In addition, PolyPlumb Enhanced provides a superb combination of fast fitting and permanent, reliable fix. The joint is demountable by disassembly only.

Hot and cold

PolyPlumb Enhanced is suitable for use in most plumbing and heating installations, including hot and cold water and underfloor heating applications. The fittings are suitable for use with Polypipe grey and white plumbing and heating pipe.

Adam Pearson, Category Manager, at Polypipe Building Products commented: “PolyPlumb has been a widely known and loved fixture for professional installers for over 25 years. Continuous improvement applied through innovative technology and progressive design is at the heart of everything we do at Polypipe Building Products, and we’re proud to share the results with the heating and plumbing community. PolyPlumb Enhanced continues to deliver the reliability and confidence installers have grown to expect from the product but brings a fresh new look and even better performance.”

A commitment to sustainability

As part of Polypipe and the Genuit Group’s commitment to creating a more sustainable built environment, PolyPlumb® Enhanced’s packaging has also received an upgrade and features 50% recycled plastic film, a 30% reduction in plastic film thickness and a reduction in bag size on its most popular fittings.

PolyPlumb Enhanced is available in merchants now.


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