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Knauf proudly announces partnership with the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity

Knauf is delighted to announce it is now an official company supporter of the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity. The partnership underscores Knauf’s commitment to nurturing a positive impact within the construction sector by championing the wellbeing and mental health of industry professionals.

Knauf's banner supporting the lighthouse construction industry charity

The Lighthouse Charity is the UK’s only charity that is 100% dedicated to the emotional, physical and financial wellbeing of construction workers and their families. Its mission is to ‘improve workforce welfare and wellbeing for this generation and the next.’ By becoming a company supporter, Knauf aims to contribute to the charity’s vital mission of promoting better mental health and wellbeing across the construction community.

The collaboration gets to the heart of Knauf’s value ‘Menschlichkeit’ meaning humanity in German. It represents Knauf’s stance on ensuring everyone is treated with justice, integrity and respect. By becoming a company supporter of the charity, Knauf will be providing an annual charitable donation, meaning the charity can count on a sustainable income to allow the continuation and extension of its crucial services.  

Colleagues at Knauf will be able to benefit from enhanced support from the charity, such as 24/7 telephone support from their Construction Industry Helpline, their self-support app and network of Lighthouse Beacons that offer a safe space for people to share their concerns and challenges.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with the Lighthouse Charity, an organisation that shares our commitment to the wellbeing of those in our industry” said Emma Delaney, HR & Sustainability Director, Knauf UK & Ireland. “At Knauf, we believe in creating positive and supportive environments within the industry, and this partnership aligns seamlessly with our values. Together, we hope to make a meaningful impact on the lives of construction professionals ad contribute to a healthier, more resilient industry.”

The collaboration with the Lighthouse Charity reflects Knauf's dedication to corporate social responsibility and its recognition of the importance of mental health support in the construction field. By actively participating in initiatives that promote well-being and providing financial support where it's needed most, Knauf aims to foster a culture of care and support within the industry.

More information on the Lighthouse Charity can be found here.

About Knauf

Established in 1932, Knauf has evolved from a family business into a global force, operating in 90 countries with 41,000 employees. As a leading building products manufacturer, Knauf UK and Ireland started in 1988 with a state-of-the-art plasterboard factory in Sittingbourne, Kent, producing top-quality plasterboards and laminates.

Following success, the Immingham Plasterboard Plant was built in 1990, to the same modern technical specification and has the capability to produce the complete range of Knauf plasterboards, thermal laminates and foil-backed plasterboards. In 1993, the Sittingbourne facility expanded with the UK Powder Plant, adding diverse products like Knauf Plasterboard Adhesive. In 2006, the Immingham plant expanded with energy-efficient technologies. The whole plant insulated, and two huge heat exchangers added, saving 10% of the plant's energy requirements.

In 2013, Knauf unveiled The Cube, a modernist hub and training centre at the Sittingbourne site. The UK expansion continued in 2022 with the acquisition of a Newport, South Wales plasterboard plant, which will further increase plasterboard capacity.


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