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Explore Uponor solutions with new virtual showroom

GF Building Flow Solutions has announced the launch of its Uponor Virtual Showroom. This innovative virtual space has been designed to offer a dynamic and comprehensive view of the Uponor range, with an interactive system that is easy to use and allows users to learn more about specific features and benefits at their own pace.


For those planning or working on plumbing, heating or cooling projects, the new virtual showroom allows users to discover practical scenarios and applications that demonstrate the use of Uponor solutions, gain a deeper understanding of product features and benefits and access a range of resources, including videos, brochures, and case studies.

The Virtual Showroom has been designed for ease of use, with a user-friendly interface that can be accessed via any device with a web browser. It includes seven distinct sections, each dedicated to a different application, with interactive points that provide additional information and details on the Uponor range of products. 


Notably, a dual viewing option allows users to view products and systems from two different perspectives: either Interior Design or Engineering. This feature provides a more complete understanding of how the Uponor range of solutions function and integrate into various environments, including real-world scenarios and projects. 


“The Uponor Virtual Showroom is a specially designed online space that showcases how our products contribute to building sustainable and efficient environments. It's an ideal source of inspiration and knowledge, catering to professionals like engineers and designers eager to explore Uponor's possibilities,” says Luca Schiavio, Vice President Marketing Uponor Building Solutions Europe.


To explore the Uponor Virtual Showroom, visit


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