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Comply with new high-rise regulations

Keston has launched a new High Rise Flue Kit that is suitable for use in buildings in England and Wales that are higher than 18 meters.

The kit is designed to be fully compliant with ‘Building Regulation 2020, Part B – Fire Safety, Volume 1’, which requires that, among other conditions, materials that become part of the external wall in a relevant building do not contribute to external fire spread. The kit is also suitable for installations in Scotland above 11 meters, in accordance with the ‘Building Standards Technical Handbook 2020: Domestic Buildings’.

Keston High Rise Flue Kit

Constructed of high-quality 316 stainless steel, the kit offers a corrosion-resistant alternative to other non-combustible or fire-resistant materials, such as aluminium, and is therefore compliant with the revised legislation covering materials allowed as part of the make-up of external walls.

The kits contain an air outlet and flue terminal, alongside fittings and thread sealant, to further simplify installation.


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