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BDA Better with Brick campaign celebrates clay brick as the ultimate contemporary building material

BDA Better with Brick campaign image

The Brick Development Association (BDA) is commemorating clay brick’s appeal as a building material for the ages with the launch of its Better with Brick campaign. Packed with facts, stats and blogs featuring expert analysis and insights, Better with Brick proves there is more to clay brick than meets the eye.

An historic and reliable building material, clay brick’s outstanding credentials make it the ideal building source for the here and now. It is a viable long-term investment, has excellent availability and a lower carbon footprint compared to many alternative materials. Better with Brick provides a comprehensive look at these benefits and more. So, if you thought you knew everything there was to know about the wonders of clay brick, Better with Brick may give you cause to think again.

Keith Aldis, CEO of the BDA said: “With Better with Brick, our goal is clear: to reveal the timeless charm and unwavering reliability of clay brick, a material that has long been the cornerstone for builders, architects, and homeowners. This campaign will highlight why clay brick isn't just a choice, but the best choice for your building needs. So, please join us in celebrating clay brick; a gift of a building resource that keeps on giving.”

Giving a Voice to Clay Brick’s Unsung Qualities .

Covering topics that verify clay brick’s vital role in fulfilling our current and future building needs, Better with Brick is a chance to discover fascinating insights into this tried, trusted and beloved building material. Clay brick’s strength, reliability, design-friendly qualities and limitless kerb appeal are among its renowned beneficial traits – but what about its sustainable value aside from its inbuilt long-term weather resistance? Also, have you considered how clay brick could be pivotal to decarbonising construction and contributing to the national effort to achieve net zero?

And there’s more: did you know that clay brick’s non-combustible performance is hallmarked by its A1 fire-rating? Better with Brick will outline in full each of these crucial underlying benefits in a series of expert blogs that will also reveal how the Brick Makers Quality Charter manages its credibility in respect of clay bricks.

The BDA encourages you to follow them on social media platforms to hear directly from brick manufacturers, architects, and other industry experts about why clay brick is their preferred choice. Search for @brickdevelopmentassociation on your favorite platforms and join the conversation using the hashtag #betterwithbrick.

But the campaign doesn't stop there! Be sure to watch the launch video here: and stay tuned for upcoming interviews and videos that will be posted on their social media channels in the coming weeks and months.

"Better with Brick" offers a comprehensive and compelling exploration of this timeless material, revealing its surprising relevance and potential in modern construction. Discover more about the benefits of clay brick and the BDA's campaign here:


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