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Aggregate Industries creates ‘The Building Blocks to Future Homes’ white paper

Aggregate Industries has created a recent housebuilder white paper entitled ‘The Building Blocks to Future Homes’. This report focuses on the outcomes of a survey amongst senior leaders of UK housebuilders to gauge their understanding and views of the Future Homes and Buildings Standard. Drawing on the insights gained, it summarises what is due to change and what should be adapted to enable low carbon homes to be built at scale.

It really is now or never for net zero in this industry with roughly 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions able to be attributed to constructing and maintaining buildings.

The report looks at a fabric-first approach to construction, the common barriers to sustainable housebuilding, the cost of going green – and more.

Here's some key research stats below:

  • 80% of UK housebuilders assert full awareness of the FHBS, with a nearly 96% clear on its impact and the required changes.

  • 48% have aligned with specialist environmental or sustainability consultancies; 47% are forging new supplier partnerships; and 46% are delving into low carbon building materials.

  • 88% have outlined targets for carbon reduction and, among these, 62% have backed their targets with a sustainability strategy and a detailed roadmap to net zero.

  • 50% are concerned about the lack of available installers to meet the demand, and 39% want support for training in green skills.

  • 48% say cost of delivery is their biggest concern and 42% are calling for subsidies and grants to support the transition

Aggregate Industries ‘The Building Blocks to Future Homes’ white paper


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