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A. Proctor Group’s new Proctor Air®membrane awarded BBA certificate

Following its successful launch in 2024, Proctor Air has now been issued with a BBA certificate.

Specifiers, house builders and roofing contractors therefore have the all important verification from an independent third-party that the membrane performs as claimed.

As a 4th generation family business with a history of technical innovation and promoting good practice, the A. Proctor Group Ltd advocates working with certification bodies like the British Board of Agrément to bring new product technologies to the market.

Proctor Air fits that category, being a roofing membrane designed for the future. It simplifies pitched roof constructions thanks to being both air permeable and vapour permeable. In addition, its water holdout performance and wind uplift resistance ensure it is able to cope with the more frequent extreme weather driven by climate change.

“An Agrément certificate assesses a construction product’s fitness for purpose,” said Iain Fairnington, Technical Director at A.Proctor Group . “Having a BBA certificate for Proctor Air shows we have had the product tested and assessed in relation to its intended use.”

A. Proctor Group enjoyed a collaborative relationship with the BBA while getting Proctor Air certified. Monthly meetings with the designated BBA project manager ensured both parties could update each other on progress, and maintain ongoing dialogue with regard to testing schedules and product sample needs.

Certification showing that a third-party has tested and verified the performance of a product gives the construction industry confidence that a manufacturer’s claims are genuine and accurate.

Proctor Air has an Sd value of 0.015m and a vapour resistance of 0.075MNs/g, making it one of the highest performing vapour and air permeable membranes on the market.

It is an air permeable low resistance (APLR) underlay, which provides a more uniform flow of air through the roof space than normal vents. A unique feature within Proctor Air’s BBA is the inclusion of the use of Proctor Air below PV panels. These would be treated similarly to a tight fitting outer covering.

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