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Soprema become one of the first companies to attain CCPI mark

Soprema CCPi product verification number

Leading waterproofing and insulation business Soprema has become one of the first manufacturers in the UK market to carry the CCPI (Code for Construction Product Information) mark for the Soprema Bitumen Range, helping to provide assurance to users that the product information for these products is clear, accurate, accessible, up-to-date and unambiguous.

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A CCPI mark serves as a verification that the product information released by a manufacturer of construction products for a particular product set is clear, accurate, current, easily accessible, and free of ambiguity. The verification process under the Code for Construction Product Information includes conducting a survey on product information related leadership and culture, ensuring the effectiveness of the organization's product information management systems, and validating evidence submitted for a specific product set. This comprehensive process ensures conformance with the 11 clauses comprised within the CCPI, thereby giving more confidence in the generation, dissemination, and management of 'Construction Product Information.'


Laurent Verheyden, Managing Director at Soprema, said: “We were delighted to attend the CCPI event recently in London. We joined like-minded product manufacturers committed to higher standards in building safety through higher standards in construction product information and product claims. Soprema’s Bitumen System is amongst the first construction products in the UK to be verified as conforming with the CCPI.


“The CCPI is playing a pivotal role in driving up standards in product information as the construction industry adapts to a new and improved building safety regime. We’re proud to be working proactively with the CCPI to raise standards in our product information management.”


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